Electric Hot Water


Electric Hot Water

Gleamous is both the name of the company and the name of this amazing hot water system that is being used extensively in Europe and the USA because of its energy saving advantages. 

Electric hot water system storage units will no longer be installed in homes in Australia from 2012, but Gleamous is not a storage unit - it provides instant hot water, as you need it. 

With no storage of hot water, it means no energy is wasted on keeping the water hot and that means you can save up to 40 per cent on your electricity bills. 

With electric storage style hot water systems the water must be first heated to 75 degrees Celcius to kill bacteria, and then it is usually stored and delivered to your tap at 50 degrees. If you’re thinking what a waste of energy, you’d be absolutely right. 

Older style hot water storage units keep water hot whether you need it or not, and unfortunately it also means that if you use more hot water than the system can store, you have no hot water until the unit heats more up. 

With the Gleamous system, those issues are a thing of the past. If you need hot water you have it immediately , it doesn’t cost you to store hot water and it never runs cold since it keeps heating it instantly for as long as you need it. 

Even when compared with gas systems, the Gleamous makes financial sense as its heating efficiency is 99.5 per cent versus gas at 80 to 85 per cent. 

Gleamous is a very modern system with an easy-to-read LED temperature display so that you can set the temperature you want and also see how much water you are using per minute. 

There’s a Gleamous electric hot water system for the office kitchen to larger ones suitable for family homes. In Australia the company has exclusive rights and stocks a great range of hot water systems for all applications.

Gleamous units are used all over the world; the company originated in the USA but due to its excellent products has been the trendsetter in Europe and will be Australia. Call us today and discover the Gleamous difference.