Other hot water storage units use energy to keep the water heated while it’s not being used, with the GL5 you only pay for what you use. Environmentally friendly, water efficient and cost effective is what will save your business money. By switching over to the GL5 system, you’ll be able to put that extra money back into your business instead of on bills.

Benefits of using a Complete Instant Hot Water Unit

The Gleamous GL5 (3phase) Instant Hot Water Units are used by industrial and larger commercial users because it can handle a heavier load then a single-phase unit. Incredibly you can use up to 600 litres of hot water at 42degrees per hour.

Some of the other benefits of the GL5 Instant Hot Water Unit include its adjustable temperature settings of up to 50 degrees, which you can see on its visible temperature display. It has an automatic on/off system, which can save you up to 40% on your power bill and water usage. As the system connects right up to your water supply there is no need for water storage tanks and because of is modern design it can fit almost anywhere due to its compact size 400h x 250w x 75d.

Gleamous GL5 Instant Hot Water Units can be purchased for your business online today! Should you have any other enquiries regarding this product, you can get in touch with their friendly and knowledgeable customer support staff via their contact page. Gleamous Complete Instant Hot Water Units