Finding your energy and water bills are through the roof? A water saving Shower kit consists of the Gleamous DSK 45EP Instant Hot Water Unit and Low Pressure Shower kit, which has been tried and tested to help you reduce your bills, save water and energy and be more environmentally friendly.

The Instant Hot Water unit is an electric instant hot water system that offers an endless supply of hot water! The unit runs on a mere 240v/15amp power making the unit very energy efficient. Storage heaters use energy to keep water heated at a set temperature, so it’s wasting energy when it’s not being used.

The Low Pressure Show kit uses a maximum water flow of 4 litres per minute, whereas your standard head uses about 15 to 25 litres of water per minute. For example, a family of four who have 8-minute showers, plus 2 weeks vacation in the year, lets see how much they will save.

Current usage = 25 (litres per minute) x 8 (minutes) x 4 (people) x 350 (days a year) = 280,000L per year

New usage = 4 (liters per minute) x 8 (minutes) x 4 (people) x 350 (days a year) = 44,800L per year
Which means a saving of 235,200L (84%) each year! That’s a massive saving on your water usage, which will reduce your energy bill!
The Gleamous Shower Kit consists of:

  • 1x Gleamous DSK 45EP hot water unit
  • 1x Low Pressure Shower kit
  • 1x Aerator kit.

This kit has the capability to be put into those areas where hot water was not previously possible. This could be an outdoor BBQ/Pool area or garage, in schools, hospitals, and factories, sporting locker rooms and even caravans and motor homes.

To see all the kits features and possible uses go to the Gleamous website.

Gleamous Shower Kits can be purchased online today! Should you have any other enquiries regarding this product, you can get in touch with their friendly and knowledgeable customer support staff via their contact page.