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Complete Instant hot water system

Wednesday, 10 July 2013 10:42:51 AM Australia/Sydney

GL5 - 3 phase - Instant hot water system - THE FAIRER SYSTEM – PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE

Instant hot water is something we would all love to have in the workplace, whether you work in a commercial kitchen, in a factory, or even at the gym or public pool, with the Gleamous GL5 (3phase) Instant Hot Water Unit it is now possible. This ingenious unit can supply hot water to you in seconds and it is so smart, it knows when you’re not using it so it will turn itself off, thereby saving your business money in the long run. Compared to the cost of other instantaneous hot water units, this unit is nearly half the cost.

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Do you find that you’re getting frustrated with wasting water while your waiting for the hot water to come through? The Gleamous DSL–30N 240V 10 amp plug and play electric 5-litre storage hot water unit is the perfect instant hot water unit to solve your water wastage problems providing you with 75 degrees of hot water within 2 seconds. You will see the benefits of this instant hot water system before you know it!

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Gleamous Electric Hot Water Units

Tuesday, 25 June 2013 11:11:51 AM Australia/Sydney

Gleamous Instant hot water units - 2000 x DSK + S/KIT DEAL DONE FOR MINING TOWN IN QLD

Gleamous is proud to announce a new deal that improves the living arrangement for mining towns in Queensland. The deal will see Gleamous DSK Instant Hot Water Units and Low Pressure Water Saving Shower Kits fitted to 2000 mining homes throughout the mining region providing instant hot water and saving the precious water supply of the area.

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