Imagine turning on the tap and getting instant hot water at a lower cost, while saving water. 

That’s what clients enjoy when using Gleamous hot water systems in Adelaide. 

Gleamous hot water systems are ideal for any installation as they have large and small systems, every one of them water and cost efficient. 

Changing hot water systems in Adelaide is simple and straightforward. 

You can have a hot water system that provides immediate hot water, which means it’s more water efficient as you don’t have to wait for the hot water to kick in – it is instant, which is especially nice for showering in winter. 

A Gleamous system is hot on-demand meaning it simply costs less to run, saving you up to 40 per cent in energy costs. 

Compare a Gleamous system with a gas system and the Gleamous will outperform its peer, as gas produces just 80 to 85 per cent heating efficiency while Gleamous instant hot water systems produce 99.5 per cent heating efficiency. There’s more money and water savings for you and the environment! 

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