Replacing hot water systems in Brisbane calls for a review of what’s available and what is the most cost effective, not just terms of the initial price, but also by looking at what each systems costs to run. 

Water costs money and many systems waste it, especially while you run the tap to wait for the hot water to kick in. You pay for all that wasted water if you don’t have access to instant hot water. 

With a Gleamous hot water system, the hot water comes instantly, which can save you up to 40 per cent in energy costs. 

Not only do you waste water with older hot water systems but an electric storage system also keeps the water hot all the time, burning up your energy dollars. 

Gas isn’t the answer either as it produces just 80 to 85 per cent heating efficiency, while Gleamous systems have 99.5 per cent heating efficiency, meaning more savings! 

So while not all hot water systems in Brisbane are created equal, Gleamous makes the most of your money with water and energy efficient systems. 

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