Hot water systems in Melbourne must be efficient and cost effective to purchase and to own, especially with rising energy costs and a cooler climate that begs you to take a warmer shower for longer. 

Gleamous makes the most of your dollar with its energy and water efficient hot water systems, which reduce the amount of water used, keeping your water bill down. With many older types of hot water systems you have to run the tap and wait for the water to be hot, while standing there in the cold. 

With Gleamous it is instant hot water. Plus it’s easy to set the temperature to exactly what you like. 

This year, any new or replacement hot water systems in Melbourne can not be the old electric storage type but the Gleamous electric hot water system is not a storage style system and so is perfect to install. 

Gleamous systems are even more economical than gas systems, which have from 80 to 85 per cent heating efficiency. Gleamous instant hot water systems boast a heating efficiency of 99.5, which means that you save money and heat water faster. 

Gleamous Hot Water Systems are located at Suite 49/199 Toorak Rd in South Yarra call 1300 550 490.