Want instant piping hot water at the turn of a tap with savings for you and the environment? 

Gleamous instant hot water systems in Perth have exactly that, plus the system has many more advantages. 

You use less water with a Gleamous instant hot water system because you don’t run the tap waiting for the water to become hot - it’s instantly hot. 

No more sky-high energy bills either as Gleamous hot water is heated only as you need it. The system doesn’t store water and keep it hot like old-fashioned electric systems. That means you can save up to 40 per cent on your energy bill. 

Even if you have gas, the Gleamous system is still more efficient as gas produces just 80 to 85 per cent heating efficiency while Gleamous instant hot water systems have 99.5 per cent heating efficiency. 

Now if you are looking at replacing hot water systems in Perth the choice is clear – 

save water, save money and save the environment with Gleamous. The range caters for sizes from small to large houses, offices and even apartments. 

Gleamous Hot Water