Everyone is talking about rising living costs and hot water incurs not only the obvious cost of electricity but also the cost of water. 

Hot water systems in Sydney need to be energy and water efficient. This is where Gleamous comes in as our range of instant hot water systems are both cost effective and reduce the amount of water used. 

Gleamous’ instant hot water systems for Sydney reduce your costs of water because they simply promote the use of less water, right from the moment you turn the tap on. 

Waiting for hot water to come out of the tap means you waste a lot of water before you even start your task. There’s no waiting with an instant hot water system – it’s there immediately and at whatever temperature you want. 

With Gleamous hot water systems the cost savings also come regardless of whether you are replacing an electric or gas system. Electric systems store hot water, keeping it hot thereby wasting energy. The heating efficiency of a gas system is 80 to 85 per cent; with Gleamous the heating efficiency is 99.5 and that means have quicker access to more energy efficient hot water. 

Gleamous Hot Water Systems are located at Suite 453 Seabridge House, 377 Kent Street, Sydney call 1300 550 490.