Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

You're paying a Premium To Heat Two Hundred Litres Of Water That You're Not Even Using! 

Yeah, it's crazy... but today, you can stop that madness once and for all with a Gleamous instant hot water system

Using cutting-edge technology used in millions of energy-conscious European households, Gleamous is the brand new on-demand hot water option that can save you up to 40% on your next electric hot water bill. 

Blame the kids or the washing but if you run out of that 200 litres you have to wait. Not so with an electric hot water heater from Gleamous. With continuous flow hot water systems we have the power to supply you with a system that provides hot water whenever you need it. 

Continuous flow hot water systems are perfect for households large or small. 

Gleamous instant hot water systems also... 

  • Have an option perfect for your household. With three different units to choose from, you can enjoy piping hot water on demand in your home... whether it's a studio apartment or a 5-bedroom executive home. 
  • Never run out of hot water. Unlike conventional electric hot water heaters, Gleamous heaters never have temperature fluctuations or run dry, ensuring you can live your life how and when you want. 
  • Have a built-in LCD screen for easy temperature adjustment. That's right... there's no confusing pipes, sockets, or dials to mess with. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and you can set your preferred temperature right where you want it. 
  • Come with a generous 2-year warranty, so you have peace of mind you'll always have cheap, wonderfully hot water, regardless of circumstances. 
  • Are environmentally friendly. With our declining natural resources (and the Australian Government's looming carbon emissions tax), it's more important than ever to ensure we do everything in our power to allow future generations to enjoy Australia's natural beauty. And with Gleamous, you can rest easy knowing you've done your part. 
  • Save you money. Starting at just $99 plus installation, Gleamous products can instantly slash your power bill, putting money back in your pocket faster.