Instant Gas Hot Water Systems

When you see how the Gleamous Instantaneous Hot Water System works you’ll wonder why hot water systems haven’t always operated this way, especially when you see the financial benefits.

Why should you store hot water you might not use? It’s just a waste of gas or electricity. And what about the occasions when you need more hot water than your system allows? If you’ve ever had the embarrassing situation of cold showers for house guests, then you understand the limitations of traditional hot water storage systems, especially the smaller systems found in older houses and apartments.

If you’re building a new home or looking to replace an outdated, inefficient system then you’re probably on the hunt for a solution that will be good for your hip pocket and good for the environment. You may also find that you are required by law to find an alternative solution – older style electric hot water storage systems cannot be installed in some new detached, terrace or town houses. Thankfully there is a great alternative!

An instantaneous electric hot water system is a smart solution for modern homes providing low cost, more efficient hot water that will also save on water usage. With the heating units located closer to the point-of-use, less water is wasted while waiting for hot water to come through to your shower or sink.

The system can be positioned exactly where it is needed without the restrictions associated with gas feeds for instant gas hot water, assuming you even have access to gas.

Even when comparing to a gas hot water systems price, the Gleamous system makes financial sense as its heating efficiency is significantly higher.

If you’re researching your options you can visit our online calculator to see how much it will cost you to run your hot water throughout your home using an instantaneous system – and how much your family can save!

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