Instant Hot Water Heater DSL - 30N

Gleamous DSL - 30N


Hot water to 75 degrees within seconds, which is great for household kitchen sinks
where it could take minutes for hot water to reach the sink, making this the perfect instant hot water system for offices, commercial usage or residential kitchens and kitchenettes. Your ideal solution for hot water on demand!

 Item Number - 5102894

Hot water to 75 degrees. This 5 litre storage hot water heater is perfect for Household Kitchen sinks or for commercial use or residential kitchens and kitchenettes. This is your ideal solution for Hot water on tap!


This electric 5 Litre Storage Hot water unit provides 75 degrees of hot water within seconds. This is perfect for Household Kitchen sinks where it could take a normal hot Water system minutes and waste up to 20 litres of hot water before it reached you, perfect for office, Commercial usage or residential kitchens and kitchenettes. Electric hot water heaters are an ideal solution for Hot water on tap!

This is your ideal solution for hot water on tap!


  • Energy saving
  • (240w 10amp Plug and Play unit)
  • Space saving
  • LED display
  • Modern appearance
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Adjustable temp setting
  • Adjustable power settings
  • Earth leakage system built in
  • Automatic malfunction checking
  • Overheat cut out
  • Single phase power supply
  • Cold water connection
  • Install above or below bench


  • Homes (Kitchen sinks)
  • Offices
  • Commercial factory, kitchens
  • Garages & sheds
  • Residential kitchens
  • Pubs, clubs & bars
  • Tea rooms
  • Canteens
  • Showrooms or any place needing boiling water



Electric 5 Litre storage Hot Water Heater


  • Voltage single phase 240V 10amp (Plug and Play)

  • Water Mark Approval No: WM72306

  • IP Rating 1PX4 Maximum water flow 5ltr / min

  • Dimensions 441h x 250w x 162d

  • Stainless steel tank 5ltr storage capacity up to 75deg

  • 1S09001 Quality Assured Firm

Gleamous Instant Hot Water Unit

Gleamous DSL - 30N

Gleamous Australia


We warrant parts for Two (2) years Domestic use and One (1) year for commercial use from date of purchase, Gleamous Products be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. The obligation of Gleamous Australia under this warranty is limited to repairing or exchanging any part of the water heater which proves defective within the specified period and which our examination shall disclose to our satisfaction to be defective. 

Warranty details outlined:

The above warranties shall not apply to such water heater or part there of which in our opinion has been subject to accident, alteration or any thermostat having fixed temperature altered, abuse, misuse, has suffered any damage by flood, fire or act of God or if any repairs have been made or attempted to be made by any person/s not approved by us. The warranty shall not extend to any loss suffered by or resulting from the non- operation of the water heater or part thereof.

We will not incur any obligation or liability whatsoever under warranties for any damage or harm which may arise directly or indirectly as a result of the water heater being installed by others than a registered qualified plumber or being connected to a water or power supply not in accordance with the regulation of the relevant electric, water and health authorities. 

The following items are specifically excluded from normal terms or warranty:

  1. Damage as a result of transportation, removal or storage.
  2. Damage due to connection to incorrect water supply.
  3. Damage or faulty operation due to foreign matter in the water supply.
  4. Damage or faulty operation due to the corrosive elements in the water supply

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the electric water heater shall continue to be subject to any implied warranty provided by the trade practices Act 1974, if and to the extent that the said Act is applicable and prevents the exclusions, restrictions or modification of that warranty.

This warranty will apply Australia / New Zealand wide for parts only provided the water heater or part is forwarded carriage paid both ways at owners risk to Gleamous Australia.

Service costs by others are not covered by the warranty and are at the user’s expense. In the event of any claim being made under the warranty, it is the original purchaser’s responsibility to provide evidence of purchase and date of purchase.

A nominal service charge may be made should the appliance be found to be in a normal working condition.

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