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instantaneous electric hot water

The public has had the “wool pulled over their eyes” when it comes to choices in hot water systems. 

Consumers are guaranteed to save money on their hot water energy bills from the first day of using brand new instantaneous electric hot water systems, up to a massive 40 per cent off, according Nick Tsotra, General Manager Gleamous Australia. 

“We have all been blindfolded to the choices available for hot water systems that can save people money today, not tomorrow,” Mr Tsotras said.

 “We’re all hurting, we’re all in the same boat. However, this system saves you money from day one. People need to know the truth that traditional hot water storage units, and even gas systems, waste water and energy”.

“With hot water storage units, the water has to be heated to 75 degrees Celsius to kill bacteria, though can only be delivered to your tap at up to 50 degrees – immediately you are heating water then cooling it which wastes energy. Then there’s the time it takes for water to heat up at your tap on its way from the hot water system – this time you can waste unknown litres of water.”

The GL5 Instantaneous hot water heater has just arrived in Australia and is set to change the face of energy usage woes in homes. It will lighten the load on consumers’ hip pockets that are already bursting at the seams with home energy expenses because you only pay to heat the water you actually use.

The GL5 Instant Hot Water Unit can be installed in any part of your home or can replace your existing hot water unit.

“We have a calculator at that tells you, to the cent, how much money it will cost you in electricity with this system and even breaks it down to the day, week, month and year. We are the only ones who can calculate this cost because the water is instantaneous at the point of use. There is no storage and no pre-heating.”


This new alternative now on the market is the answer to our ever increasing energy and water bills. And with the introduction of the carbon tax on 1 July, and with no government rebates on solar hot water systems, now is the time for us to think smart and be wise about our power and water usage.

“The price is right, the warranty is right and the technology in the system is perfect. This revolutionary technology has been available in Europe, South America, Germany and the USA for up to 75 years. Australia needs to get their heads around this new technology and embrace it. It’s cost saving on power and water, you never run out of hot water, there’s no water storage, constant temperature due to an in-built LCD screen with easy temperature adjustment, two-year warranty and environmentally friendly. Plus it comes in a super sleek, innovative design and is so compact it can fit into a cupboard or left on display.

The GL5 Home Instant Hot Water Units can be purchased for an introductory price of $495.

Gleamous Australia is the exclusive importer of Gleamous Instant Hot Water Systems into Australia and New Zealand.

Gleamous, Your Instant Hot Water Solutions!

Nick Tsotras, General Manager of Gleamous Australia can be contacted on 0414 333391 


Environmental performance, efficiency, installation quality and Energy and Water running costs are key factors that go into the selection when deciding the most efficient and effective electric water-heating solution for Multi residential dwellings. In addition, consumption and wastage of water a finite natural resource must also come into the equation when determining the most suitable option.

In Australia, centralised hot water services for multiple dwelling buildings are mostly gas-fired, while stand-alone instantaneous units heat water either gas-fired or electrically. When comparing heating efficiency, instantaneous electric hot water systems are a far better option because their heating efficiency is 99.5 per cent in comparison with gas-fired hot water systems that have burner heating efficiencies of 80 to 85 per cent. 

Energy efficiency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important to all parts of today’s society, from Corporate Businesses to the Private Home Owner. Increasing regulations and end-user demands to minimise impact on the natural environment has everyone looking for a better option.

The cost of energy and water is a significant domestic outgoing and a simple and direct way any individual can lessen their own environmental impact is to reduce the resources that they consume in their daily life; particularly their water wastage in hot water systems.

An instantaneous water heater has the advantage in terms of heating efficiency, but there are other factors that contribute to the overall system efficiency and environmental performance: 

  • system architecture
  •  installation quality, ‘cleanness' of energy source
  •  Operating costs (these must also be considered in system selection )

 While most environmental impact studies focus solely on energy usage, water wastage becomes an important factor to be considered given the fact that most parts of Australia regularly face water restrictions and price increases.