Gleamous Testimonials

Just an email after today's conversation, to say that the Gleamous hot water heater that was installed here in late November last year, has passed all tests, coped with the extra visitors over Christmas and January, and is better than I'd hoped. It is installed where the original 250 l. Water tank was, takes up so much less space, and the hot water comes through quicker than before. I certainly would recommend it to anyone contemplating a change.

Kind  Regards



Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent service I recently received from your Company. Having had a problem with the duration of time it takes for hot water to flow in my Kitchen, I spoke to one of your staff who suggested the DSL 5 Litre Storage Water Unit. I purchased the system that night via the website and received the unit within 48 hours. It is absolutely perfect and it is great to have hot water instantly....Once again thankyou so much.

Lisa - Katoomba


Congratulations on bringing a well priced and very efficient hot water unit to the market.....after our old system stopped working we were happy (and relieved) to find such a well priced water unit for our factory kitchen. Considering the prices that we had been quoted for similar systems we were very surprised and after talking to one of your staff ordered directly over the phone and received the DSL storage unit the very next day when it was easily installed. Thanks guys for your great customer service and we will definitely be recommending your water unit to other tenants within the complex.

Mick - Reservoir

Apologies, I have been meaning to write to you before now, but keep forgetting to do so.

The DSK works well. As you said at slow flow it’s enough Hot water for the caravan sink.

I would recommend it to other Caravaners


Greg Geehman 

Just had to mention to you, I recently purchased a Gleamous GL5 to replace my 300 litre electric storage hot water unit, I was a bit concerned about whether the GL5 could supply instant hot water to my 4 bedroom home (the GL5 is so small) but I purchased one because it looked so modern and attractive. It’s been 4 months now and I cannot stop telling all my friends about the money I saved on my first power bill. To be exact, my electricity bill is around $600 per quarter, since I installed the GL5, my bill came in at $490.00... And that's after the price increase on electricity - I cannot thank you enough for advising me to consider the GL5. Thank you so much!

PS my friends will be if not already calling you up to discuss their requirements for hot water.

Sally Preston

Catherine Fields, NSW 

 Something as clever as this should be introduced into every office, it was as quick and easy as giving Gleamous a call. The next day we had running hot water in our bathroom amenities. Not only was it $99 but the friendly service from the installation guys was great too!

Mario Henein

White Square Concepts, NSW

The Gleamous GL5 has to be my favourite appliance my husband and I have bought for our apartment so far, it’s stylish and matches our interior perfectly. Every visitor is so interested in our tech-savvy hot water system that we love to boast about it.

It’s also saved us heaps off our power bill, which is something everyone should really consider escpecially when trying to save on costs.

Carrie & Stephen Cooper

Moore Park, NSW

Owning a Garage can be a tough and dirty job on a mechanic like myself, especially when I didn’t have any hot water running for a week when the hot water tank decided to fail on me.

I had been referred to Gleamous by a client and couldn’t have been happier when Gleamous got rid of that big tank that took up too much space with something so small and compact.

Thank you Gleamous for making something as simple as hot water, so easy.

Robert Shaw

Shaw Mechanics, NSW

Having a BBQ area in the backyard was a great idea when we first built our house but not so great when it came to cleaning up after a big lunch. We had the sink already installed but no hot water, so pointless as it was I always had to carry all the dirty dishes back to kitchen, up the stairs and inside then have to wash them!

When I heard about Gleamous products I thought it was too good to be true so we gave them a try. Now it’s so much more convenient and hygienic to wash up then and there! No more MESS!

Samantha Petrovski

Hurstville, NSW