Endless Hot Water and a Lighter Hip Pocket

Gleamous has arrived and the hot water industry has been shaken to its core. This slick, new product is the solution we’ve all been eagerly awaiting for our energy woes. These single phase 15amp units heat water on the way to your tap. No wastage, no stored hot water, no exorbitant energy bills. It’s so revolutionary that you can save up to 40% off your hot water electricity bills

With electric hot water storage units no longer being installed into homes from 2012, there is now a serious contender for Australians to consider when it comes to their water heating needs.

Gleamous comes with an ultra-modern, sexy design and an easy-to-read LED temperature display which shows you the amount of water used per minute The system is compact and can fit into small spaces. It’s suitable for studio apartments through to sprawling, luxury homes. And it’s great for industrial and commercial premises too.

Are you ready for a Gleamous Instant, Continuous, Hot Water System?