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*The calculator tariff is based on 0.28 per hour peak tariff

*The calculator tariff is based on Gleamous GL5 model complete home instant hot water.



Mr & Mrs Smith of NSW changed from storage hot water to the Gleamous GL5 instant hot water in August 2018 and received their May 2019 electricity bill for $453.82. Their previous Electricity bill was $868.29 - that's a huge saving of over $400.00.

They also changed at the same time their quartz downlights (20 quartz globes) to 9 watt LED globes at the same time.

When calculating the cost of hot water system prices, it is not just the initial price of the unit that matters - it is also about the cost of running the unit. Just think about the fact that we use hot water every single day of the year, so it is important to know how much that new hot water system will cost us.


Hot water systems prices don’t reflect the long-term costs that the unit will incur during its lifetime, but Gleamous is so sure that its system will be more cost effective for you, that on this page you can calculate how much the unit will cost you per day, per week, per month and per year.

All you need to work this out is to determine how many minutes a day you use hot water. How easy is that!

With this new type of instant hot water system the best part is that you don’t need to sacrifice any of the things you are used to, instead you get extras and save simply because the Gleamous system has all the advantages without any disadvantages.

You get instantaneous hot water that never runs out because it keeps on heating it as you need it and on top of that it saves you money.

The Gleamous units have ultra modern features such as a built-in LCD screen that allow you to set the temperature as you like it and control different areas within the home. This feature is perfect for families with young children who may want to set a lower temperature where children can access the taps.

All Gleamous systems come with a 2-year warranty and they can save you up to 40 per cent on your electricity bill. Use the calculator on this page to help you to discover your savings.

So contact the friendly and experienced Gleamous team by calling 1300 550 490.