Hot Water Systems.

 for homes and businesses.

Welcome to Gleamous Hot Water Solutions

Proudly Australian-owned, Gleamous Hot Water Solutions provide homes and businesses with stylish and revolutionary products guaranteed for instant, continuous hot water reducing your gas and electricity bills.

Our range of Electric Hot Water Systems will heat water in places you could not reach before. No wastage, no stored hot water, no exorbitant energy bills. It’s so revolutionary that you can save up to 40% off your hot water electricity bills. 

Are you ready for a Gleamous Instant, continuous, hot water system?


Originally developed in the United States, Gleamous are the exclusive distributor for  Gleamous Instant, Continuous Hot Water Systems throughout Australia.

The advanced technology of these hot water systems means they are cost-effective, easy usage, water saving and environmentally friendly. 

The team at Gleamous Australia have 40 years building industry experience.

We are incredibly proud of our products, the quality and customer service approach to homeowners and businesses. 

Energy Usage Rate Calculator available here! 
 Gleamous provides you with products that are more cost effective for you,  you can calculate how much the unit will cost you per day, per week, per month and per year.

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