Welcome to the world of Gleamous instant electric water heaters. The GL5 Series Hot Water System provides a Continuous flow of hot water at all times. Gleamous Instant Electric Water Heaters have an elegant sleek look combined with the latest in modern technology. It epitomises the new look and the future of Instant Hot Water Systems! 

This energy efficient space saving system features an ultra modern compact design, low running costs, easy installation and has the capacity to be put in multiple locations throughout the home for maximum impact. The most impressive part of the (GL5) is its water efficiency (we recommend a AAA 7.5lpm shower rose) and cost effectiveness against all other hot water systems.


This means real savings to you! Gleamous Instant Electric Hot Water Systems offers endless instant hot water, which means no wastage of water or time, friendly on the environment and friendly on your pocket. Experience the Gleamous way of the Future in Instant Electric Hot Water.


Electric Tankless Hot Water System 14KW

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    • Apartments
    • Granny flats
    • Factories
    • Commercial units
    • The uses are endless....